Sunflower Sisters

A Crazy Number of Bonnets in Sunflower Sisters

One of the best things about writing Sunflower Sisters was researching the Civil War bonnet. All three main characters wear them and Anne-May the plantation mistress is especially frantic when the war cuts off her supply of new ones.

I was surprised at the many different types: mourning, casual, dressy, sunbonnets, bonnets for field work, bonnets for short social calls, for longer social calls, special bonnets for church, for young girls, bonnets for every season. I love these old photos of women in their bonnets and the pics at the bottom of those that have survived from the period. Can you find my very own bonnet?

4 thoughts on “A Crazy Number of Bonnets in Sunflower Sisters”

  1. Hi Martha,

    Great talk today! Thank you so much. I just printed the book club kit. My book club is reading The Sunflower Sisters this summer.
    My guess is that your bonnet is the one in the center.

    1. Thanks, Sherri! So glad you enjoyed the talk. How wonderful that your book club is reading the book this summer. And yes, your guess is right! :)))

  2. Loved this book so much.Could not put it down. Everything about civil war is intriguing to me. You did a great job. Hope to see more. Going to read your other books soon.

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