Caroline Ferriday’s Letter from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Caroline Ferriday’s archives are filled with interesting bits of history, but this is one of my favorites. It may just be a standard thank you letter, but it’s beautifully written, heartfelt and sincere. I especially love the phrase “dungeon of despair,” and the fact it is addressed to Ms. Ferriday. And I love looking at that signature, too. Not written in some a computer-generated hand, but by Dr. King himself.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King’s life this holiday it’s comforting and inspiring to revisit this connection between these two incredible people, however small. Thank you to Peg Shimer and Dorothy Ambruso of the Bellamy-Ferriday House and Gardens for making this letter available to me, two of the wonderful people at Connecticut Landmarks dedicated to keeping Caroline’s legacy alive.

Lost Roses Dust Jacket Hot Off the Presses

I was thrilled to see this lovely hardcover dust jacket in the mail this morning, courtesy of the best editor ever, Kara Cesare at Ballantine. In person it is even more beautiful, the title in red foil. I love the details, like this tiny tour Eiffel on the spine.

It is enjoying a new spot on my Lilac Girls shelf. Guess I’d better make a new shelf for Lost Roses. 🙂

Just added China and Germany–Thirty Foreign Editions for Lilac Girls.

It has been so moving to see the foreign editions of Lilac Girls arrive at my door. Some use the original cover art, some change the title (love France’s Lilacs only Bloom After a Harsh Winter title) and some reinterpret the art in their own way. (Russia in lower right is the latest.) Was especially excited to hear Lilac Girls went to #1 in Norway. So exciting. Can’t wait to see Israel, China and Germany soon!

Spring Came Early This Year Thanks to this Lovely New Lost Roses Map

Once I finished writing Lost Roses, the prequel to Lilac Girls, the first thing I did was ask the wonderful illustrator Holly Hollon to create another incredible map. Just as she did for Lilac Girls, she made the book come alive, this time from Russian former aristocrat Sofya Streshnayva’s point of view, Caroline Ferriday’s Mother Eliza’s best friend. It focuses on Sofya’s world after she is forced to leave Russia, when she seeks refuge in Paris. The map gives a few clues about the plot of book #2 and highlights some of the book’s scenes around Paris, including the infamous Rue de Chabanais brothel, my all-time favorite French candy store and Eliza Ferriday’s Paris apartment. I hope you enjoy this little taste of spring in January.

The Lost Roses Book Tour: Coming to a City Near You.

My publicist Melanie DeNardo and the rest of Team Roses at Random House have worked so hard on this incredible book tour for my Lilac Girls prequel, Lost Roses. I can’t wait to get on the road this spring and come see everyone. Hopefully a city near you is on the list, but if not I love Skyping with book groups!