10 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart. Lilac Girls Paperback Just Arrived.”

  1. Your book is the kind of tribute Caroline Ferreday deserves. The story you tell is gripping and deserves not only to be read but also to be seen. When will the film be made?

    1. Yes a film would be great. Thank you for this amazing novel. My book club will be discussing it March 8 th.

  2. I’m a little confused,. Is the novel “Lilac Girls” the same novel as “A Train in Winter” by Caroline Moorehead?

  3. Dear Martha Kelly,
    Last night my wife Laurie and I finished reading Lilac Girls. We are semi-retired and one of our joys is reading books together. I do the reading while my wife listens and knits. We read through your book very quickly, interrupted only by my trip to Cuba last week. We were told it was a page-turner, and indeed it was. We enjoyed it so much, and you have an uncanny ability to describe in graphic detail scenes and situations that made it easy for us to put ourselves right there in the picture. So than you so much for writing. The only challenge I had was pronouncing the French, German, and Polish words you used.
    I am a retired seminary professor and dean and a missiological anthropologist. We moved to Norcross eleven years ago and have enjoyed living in the Atlanta area, although I was travelling internationally more than half my time doing seminars, workshops, and teaching in the area of Christianity and culture, committed to the thesis that people from every culture can become followers of Jesus without first having to become Americans.
    Thanks again for your wonderful book. Let us know when you write another one—hopefully an historical novel as good as Lilac Girls. Blessings on you.
    Darrell Whiteman

    1. Dear Darrell,
      What a lovely picture you paint of you reading to your wife while she listens and knits. Her very own audio book! What a wonderful husband. Thank you for sharing a bit of your background–I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and that you feel it made it easy to put yourself into the scenes and situations–my biggest goal.
      My next book is a prequel to Lilac Girls, due out next spring.

  4. The cover of “Lilac Girls” is the same as “A Train in Winter” by Caroline Moorehead.

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