Lilac Girls

Beautiful Images the Spanish Lilac Girls Publisher Made for Kasia, Herta and Caroline

I’ve enjoyed working with Spanish publisher Ediciones Maeva on their new edition of Lilac Girls, (above–such a lovely cover) since their marketing is so clever and original. Just had to share these images below, which they created for each character. Love how they used a different symbol in each name.

Heading to Spain in February to meet Spanish Lilac Girls readers and can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Images the Spanish Lilac Girls Publisher Made for Kasia, Herta and Caroline”

  1. Dear Martha,

    This is the second book I have read other than A Deep Water Passage: A spiritual Journey at Midlife by Ann Linnea where I felt compelled to write the author immediately. Lilac Girls hits close to home since my very own mother left Lublin, Poland on a ship for Brazil in 1937 with her parents when she was just three years old. It took them 27 days to get there. I can’t help but think if her father, my Opa who was the only survivor in his family after the first war, hadn’t had the foresight to leave with his family when he did, I wouldn’t be sending you this email. He had already lost his entire family due to starvation or Siberian concentration camps during the first war and experienced first hand what war is like wasn’t going to go through that again! Ironically, I started reading your book at the same time I went back to my home town to celebrate my mother’s 85th surprise birthday. It was because of your book that I was able to ask my mom more detailed questions about her own journey from Lublin to Brazil and to share with her what “could have been” her or her mother’s fate had they not left! She had no idea about “the rabbits” and the concentration camp in Furstenburg. As I sat with her in her European style kitchen looking at old pictures, we talked about that difficult time in history and all that she, or her parents, and people like Kasia, had to endure. Because of Lilac Girls, I felt connected and strengthened by my family history in a way I hadn’t before. Thank you for shedding light on the “rabbits” and acknowledsging Carol who so deserved to be recognized! No matter how painful or difficult it was to hear about the challenges the women in your book faced, honoring them is keeping their memory alive and sometimes you just don’t know the value of a memory until you think about it! For me, reading your book and having conversations with my own mother about that time, was a good reminder to stay strong. When life gets tough, I will remember the people like Carol, Kasia, my grandparents, and their parents etc. They are our guiding lights!

    With gratitude,

    Heidi Burke

    1. Dear Heidi, Thank you for this beautiful message! What an incredible journey your family has been through.I feel so fortunate to have been a part of bringing you and your mother together to talk in more detail about her experiences. It must have been difficult for her to relive the harder parts of it, but ultimately it’s really good to revisit it, don’t you think? To be honest it makes me a bit weepy when you talk about staying strong and how you’ll remember Caroline and Kasia and your grandparents. I’m so grateful Lilac Girls helped you feel that way!

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