Woohoo– the Sunflower Sisters Paperback is Here!

This photo is so beautiful and says it all–Sunflower Sisters is here! (Thank you to the wonderful shejustlovesbooks for posting it!)

Sunflower Sisters

Amazing Sunflower Sisters Event at Dame Farm

What a fun sunflower-themed event this was with the fabulous Robin Homonoff of Reading with Robin, at Dame Farm and Orchards in Johnston Rhode Island.

Robin and daughter Emily, photographer extraordinaire

Everyone got a copy of Sunflower Sisters, sunflowers and blueberries. My blueberries were gone by the time I made it home. Delicious!
Such a lovely crowd!
Denise Cabral sunflower fan

So happy I could do my first live, in-person event in so long with Reading with Robin. Follow Robin on Instagram here: @Robinkall, her photographer daughter Emily (for more of her gorgeous photos) here: @emilyhomonoff, and find Robin’s website here:

So much fun hanging out with wonderful readers!

Can’t wait for my next Reading with Robin event…she always makes it so much fun and goes above and beyond!


Sunflower Sisters

A Crazy Number of Bonnets in Sunflower Sisters

One of the best things about writing Sunflower Sisters was researching the Civil War bonnet. All three main characters wear them and Anne-May the plantation mistress is especially frantic when the war cuts off her supply of new ones.

I was surprised at the many different types: mourning, casual, dressy, sunbonnets, bonnets for field work, bonnets for short social calls, for longer social calls, special bonnets for church, for young girls, bonnets for every season. I love these old photos of women in their bonnets and the pics at the bottom of those that have survived from the period. Can you find my very own bonnet?

Sunflower Sisters

Sisters Just Make Everything Better.

One of the best memories I have is of my sister Polly Simpkins surprising me at the book launch party for my first book Lilac Girls, by coming down from her home on Martha’s Vineyard to The Corner Bookstore in New York. She’s one of those people who do those kind of things, goes out of her way to make other people’s lives better.

Though we couldn’t do in-person events this year, she’s supporting my new book Sunflower Sisters at her local bookstore, The Bunch of Grapes in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, our mother’s favorite bookstore when she was alive, and is bringing books to all my mother’s friends. I think my mom would love that she’s doing that.

If you’d like a little shot of bliss in your day visit Polly’s blog here: Don’t miss her amazing bead page.

Do you have someone in your life who goes out of their way to make people happy?