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I Think We Just Made an Incredible Lilac Girls Audiobook

By February 10, 20166 Comments

Image (1)When I was writing Lilac Girls I never dreamed I’d end up in LA at the Random House studios. Getting teary listening to the incredible Cassandra Campbell (above, center) bring the part of Caroline Ferriday to life. Standing starstruck in front of the wall of the fancy audiobooks that have come before mine. Stepping into the booth myself to record the Author’s Note. (A bit terrifying.) But thanks to producer Kelly Gildea (top left) the whole thing was just a delight. I even got to listen to the previous week’s sessions with Kathleen Gati as Kasia and Kathrin Kana as Herta, both SO good and got to share in the excitement of the announcement that both Kelly and Cassandra had just been nominated for Audies, the premier audiobook awards.

Image (3)I head back to Atlanta well fed and excited beyond words to soon hear the three narrators braided together into one story. And happy to know Lilac Girls is in great hands.


  • Polly says:

    OMG how exciting! What a dream come true, to hear these three characters come to life, it’s beyond amazing. With the Grammy’s soon to announce the winner for “best spoken word album” I am hoping for Amy Poehler who is up for winning for her audio book for “Yes”, and hoping Lilac Girls will be in the running next year. There is something so vulnerable and raw about hearing a well crafted audio book and there is such an art to doing it well. It looks like Lilac Girls in in incredible hands and it’s whether it’s the spoken or written word, I can see that it’s the beginning of it’s tremendous journey to many ears, near and far. So excited to read and listen in April and Congratulations Martha!

  • Kathrin Kana says:

    Dear Martha!
    Thank you for the kind comment. After narrating Herta I can’t wait to listen to the whole book now! Congrats!

  • Maureen says:

    I just finished listening to this audiobook and was RIVETED! Amazing writing and unbelievable narrators. Kathleen gati who read Kasia was my favorite. Write another book soon!! 🙂

    • says:

      Hi Maureen,
      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the Lilac Girls audio book. I loved it, too–Kathleen Gati had me in tears several times. She’s amazing!
      p.s. I’m writing #2 now…can’t wait to share it!

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