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Somebody Get me a Margarita. Lilac Girls Just Hit theSkimm.

By February 24, 201717 Comments

I’m a die hard fan of theSkimm, the bold and brainy daily newsletter that makes it easier to be smarter, and almost fell over this morning to see Lilac Girls recommended there. Eternally grateful and so happy this true story will find a lovely new audience of Skimmers!

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  • doesn’t surprise me one iota…one of the best books I’ve read in many many years…can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  • Helen Begg says:

    I just finished Lilac Girls…. my only complaint is that it was so absorbing, fascinating, that I could NOt put it down!! Sure hope we will see more from this author!!

  • Dr. Jackie Covault says:

    Dear Martha,

    I just finished your book about an hour ago, and like many of the others who commented, I could not put it down. I have read hundreds of books about the Holocaust, yet yours was the first I have read that mentions the female doctor, Herta Oberheuser. Chilling to think of a man, much less a woman doing what she did. And Caroline Ferriday~well, I wish I had known her. Thank you for your many long years of research and for writing this unbelievable book and testimony. I will certainly tell all I know to read it.

    Thank you again,

    Jackie Covault

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      Dear Jackie,
      Thank you for your lovely note. I too wish I’d met Caroline. Wouldn’t that have been wonderful?

  • Marilyn Trombetto says:

    I just finished your totally absorbing and wonderful book! I never knew until I read your book that these events existed. I had never heard of Caroline Ferriday and I live in Woodbury!! Needless to say I am going to Bethlehem to visit her house. Thank you for writing this book and for showing people like me how much I didn’t know about WWII and the courageous women called “the rabbits.” I look forward to your next novel. Again, thank you!

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Marilyn! You will love Carolines house. They are actually having a big event June 10th up at the house, when the lilacs are in bloom. I’m speaking and they’ll show the trailer for the documentary based on Caroline and the rabbits. But the house is lovely any time spring or summer!

  • Chris Trillo says:

    I just love this book. It’s one of those books you don’t want to put down and cannot wait to be able to pick it back up. I actually took it to work with me and on my lunch hour I went outside to my car to read for an hour! I so love all the characters and love when you find that book that you become completely absorbed in!

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      I love that you read it in your car at lunch hour. That’s the true sign of loving a book! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Chris. If you want to see more pictures of the real people behind the story I have a Pinterest page for Lilac Girls. Also pinning about my next book Gin Lane on a board there, too.

  • Ann Laperouse says:

    I am reading Lilac Girls for a book club. I know that Caroline had a Lilac garden but why was the book called Lilac Girls?

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      Hi Ann,
      It’s kind of a spoiler for people who haven’t read the book. But the title comes from something Caroline tells Kasia in her garden.

  • My Honors English 12 seniors will be reading Lilac Girls over the summer. I know they’re going to love it! They’ll undoubtedly be interested in the prequels as well!

  • Sharon Rippy says:

    I recommended Liliac Girls for our book club after reading a review and I am loving it. It is a real page turner, having a hard time putting it down. I read somewhere and can’t find again, about the possibility of a virtual attendance by you at our meeting. Is that possible? We did that recently with another author. It was a wonderful experience to add to the enjoyment of the book.
    Thank you for enlightening so many of us to this piece of history we had never heard about.

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