Lilac Girls

Found Some Charming Lilac Girls-themed Jewelry

At a recent Bellamy-Ferriday House event for Lilac Girls a small group of entrepreneurs gathered to offer their goods and I came across Nan Siegmund’s handmade jewelry. She bills her offerings as “whimsical hand-fashioned jewelry and other great finds” and I thought you’d enjoy seeing her Lilac Girls-inspired pieces. I have the red thread necklace, below, and love it.

She offers a silver necklace with a tiny spool of red thread, charm bracelets with Caroline’s pig and some other book related items.

You can contact Nan at her email: or call 917-701-1194.


Lilac Girls

Like Some Hints about the Lilac Girls Prequel Lost Roses? You’ll Find Them Here.

Since I started writing Lost Roses several years ago I’ve been pinning clues on Pinterest, about the story as I went along. I pinned pictures of the characters: Luba, Sofya, little Max, Varinka and Taras. And of course young Caroline and her mother Eliza. The plot. My inspiration. (I’ve included a screenshot of a few of the pins below.) It has been a fun little secret a few readers stumbled upon but it’s time to share. The Lost Roses pub date, April 2nd will be here before you know it, but in the meantime these hints will at least be a taste of the real thing. (There’s also a Lilac Girls board under my name with lots of great pics, too.)  

Hope you enjoy it!

Lilac Girls

Just Found Some Great Old Lilac Girls Pics

One of my favorite Lilac Girls scenes to write was the one where Caroline Ferriday goes to the post office across the street from her house and discovers all the mail. So it was fun to find these old pictures of the store and post office just as they were (I call it Merrill Brothers in the book). Especially love Earl Johnson hard at work, the Christmas trees on the front porch of the store and the black cat at the door. The building is still there, across from Caroline’s house, though now a private residence. Wish I could time travel for one minute just to go back and see it as it was.


Lilac Girls

Two Years Ago Today Lilac Girls Debuted

I love this picture. Taken two years ago today, it captures the joy and nervous excitement of the Lilac Girls pub day. It shows my sister Polly surprising me (in mid photo op) where it all began–at the Lilac Girls launch party at The Corner Bookstore in NYC. That night was surreal and just the beginning of an incredible two years. Thank you to all the amazing readers and book groups and bookstores for championing Lilac Girls. I’m grateful for you every day.