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Lovely Lost Photos of Caroline Ferriday Found

I never tire of finding new photos of Caroline Ferriday, especially those taken in her teens and early twenties as these are. Caroline’s mother Eliza photographed her so much, perhaps because she was an actress and needed professional photos taken for headshots. Perhaps because she was so lovely and photogenic. And let’s face it, an only child seems to just have more photos taken of them. These were taken early in her career as a Broadway actress, with so many adventures ahead of her. Can’t wait to share Lost Roses in just nine days–which shows Caroline’s younger life. She was such an extraordinary adult, but a wonderful young person as well.

Lost Roses

Love the New Lost Roses Audio Book That Just Came Knocking

At the risk of being even more tiresomely self-promotional, here is the Lost Roses audio book, just arrived from Random House. I must say I didn’t think anything could have seized my affections like the Lilac Girls audio, but this one did. I love Kathleen Gati and her work on Lilac Girls as Kasia and she is absolutely amazing on this one, playing Russian aristocrat Sofya, along with three incredible  voice talents, Tavia Gilbert as Caroline’s mother Eliza, Karissa Vacker as peasant girl Varinka and Catherine Taber as Sofya’s little sister Luba (so far many readers’ favorite character in the book.) I just took a sneak listen, driving around aimlessly listening to these lovely, moving voices, getting pretty teary-eyed just hearing the prologue (my only CD player is in my car) and may need to go out tonight and drive around some more.

I loved adding these to the book shelf in my office, next to my “Somewhere in our hearts we are always twenty” (thank you, Katherine) quote board for good luck.

Cannot wait for everyone to hear how talented these actors are. If you see a woman in a silver car driving around Litchfield County sobbing, feel free to wave. Most likely that’s me.

Kathleen Gati as Sofya
Lost Roses

Some Gorgeous New Lost Roses Just Landed On My Doorstep


My editor at Ballantine Books, Kara Cesare, the best human in the world, just sent me two of the very first editions of Lost Roses, hot off the presses. It brings back memories of seeing the first copies of Lilac Girls and it is all becoming so real and so much fun and I feel like spring may just arrive after all.

Can’t wait to share it April 9th!


Love how they look together, below.


Lost Roses

Such Fun Recording the Lost Roses Audio Book

I loved the Lilac Girls audio book and when it came to casting the prequel Lost Roses I asked if Kathleen Gati, (below) who played the Polish Kasia could join us again and play Sofya, a Russian former-aristocrat. Thanks to Penguin-Random House Audio’s Kelly Gildea my wish came true. Kathleen is an incredible actress, (you can see her currently on General Hospital playing the villainous Dr. Liesel Obrecht), an incredibly charming person and a master of accents, so it’s no wonder she made the part of lovely Sofya come alive so beautifully.

Kathleen teamed up once again with engineer and actor extraordinaire Dr. Bruce Mann.

My author’s note, which took me ages to get right. Don’t know how the voice actors make it look so easy.

Right out of the gate had to take a break when I got choked up reading the dedication, to my two daughters who inspired the sisters in Lost Roses. Glad I’m not quitting my day job.

Action shot of me taking yet another take.

Fangirling in the lobby.


Look for the Lost Roses audio book next month to pre-order, with Tavia Gilbert as Eliza Ferriday (Caroline’s mother), Karissa Vacker as peasant girl Varinka and Catherine Taber as Sofya’s little sister Luba and of course Kathleen Gati as former-aristocrat Sofya. Cannot WAIT to hear it all put together.

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Lost Roses Dust Jacket Hot Off the Presses

I was thrilled to see this lovely hardcover dust jacket in the mail this morning, courtesy of the best editor ever, Kara Cesare at Ballantine. In person it is even more beautiful, the title in red foil. I love the details, like this tiny tour Eiffel on the spine.

It is enjoying a new spot on my Lilac Girls shelf. Guess I’d better make a new shelf for Lost Roses. 🙂