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A Note from Martha

There’s so much for book clubs to talk about with Lilac Girls and Lost Roses and now Sunflower Sisters coming to paperback December 28th. The debilitating power of guilt. Mothers and daughters. Is it better to forgive or just forget? What does it mean to really love someone? How does it all connect to our current political landscape?

Book clubs have done so many creative things at their meetings. Cooked foods featured in the books (one recreated Euphemia’s picnic basket from the auction scene in Sunflower Sisters), used the Lilac Girls maps found here on this website as centerpieces, and featured lilacs, roses and sunflowers in so many creative ways, (including scrumptious book-inspired cocktails.)

If you have any pictures from your book group gathering discussing either of my books, please send them along. I just love seeing them and will add them to my website Book Club Gallery.


Invite Martha Hall Kelly to your next book club meeting!

Sunflower Sisters Bookclub Resources

Lost Roses Bookclub Resources

Enrichment Reading for Lost Roses

  • The Russian Countess: Escaping Revolutionary Russia by Edith Sollohub and Stories from Forest and Steppe: The Country Life of the Russian Countess by Edith Sollohub. Loved both of these books by Edith Sollohub, a former aristocrat, and based the Lost Roses character of Sofya in part on Edith.
  • A Countess in Limbo: Diaries in War & Revolution; Russia 1914-1920, France 1939-1947 by Olga Hendrikoff. Former countess Olga’s gripping story of her life and turbulent times in civil war-torn Russia.
  • Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy by Douglas Smith. The harrowing story of Russian nobility caught in the danger and chaos of the Revolution
  • Journal of a Russian Grand Duchess: Complete Annotated 1913 Diary of Olga Romanov, Eldest Daughter of the Last Tsar (Last Russian Imperial Family In Their Own Words) (Volume 3) by Helen Azar. The Tsar’s eldest daughter’s diary. Poignant, private thoughts that grow increasingly serious as the family’s circumstances worsen, but never lose their optimism.
  • My Life Here and There by Princess Cantacuzene, Countess Speransky, nee Grant. This is a fascinating firsthand account of an American woman’s marriage to a Russian prince and eventual escape from the dangers of the Russian Revolution