Menu Ideas

A great book club discussion isn’t complete without delicious food and beverages. Below are some recipes selected by Martha to consider for your next book club gathering menu.

Inspired Recipes for Lilac Girls

Inspired Recipes for Lost Roses

Book clubs had so much fun with Lilac Girls. They did such creative things with lilacs, so I wanted to provide a few starter ideas for Lost Roses, inspired by scenes from the book. Excited to see where book clubs go with roses!

  • Butterscotch Crisps from
    Sofya’s favorite Woolsey recipe. Warning: completely addictive.
  • Vodka in Ice Block with Frozen Flowers from
    Such a beautiful presentation and looks lovely made with roses.
  • Les Anis de Flavigny Candies from
    Sofya’s favorite candy and I love them, too. Very black licorice tasting, all-natural anise hard candy with an ansieed heart covered in fine layers of sugar. Comes in other flavors, too—the rose flavor is great for Lost Roses and violet is tasty, too.
  • Beef Stroganoff from
    A Streshnayva family favorite. Just the scent of this cooking brings you right to St. Petersburg.
  • Meringue Rose Cookies from
    These are beautiful and just the thing if you don’t have time to bake.