I Can Die Happy, Now that “Once Upon a Book Club” Has Done a Lilac Girls Box.

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          Once Upon a Book Club’s subscription book-boxes fall firmly in the “I wish I’d thought of that” category. What a smart, fun idea to send boxes full of meaningful things that correspond to the books bookclubs are reading each month?

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My daughter Katherine sent me a link to it after she saw my novel featured, saying how cute she thought it was.

How does it work? The details are captured wonderfully by one recent Instagrammer:

Quick rundown: @onceuponabookclubboxis a brand-new monthly subscription box that offers a novel (?) immersive reading experience. It includes a new book and 4-6 wrapped goodies; each gift reflects an event or plot point that happens in the book which you open at a specific point in the story. There are also discussion questions which will be posted on their Instagram account so that readers can share their thoughts.


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I only wish I’d joined Once Upon a Book Club sooner, so I could see what’s in all those adorable little packages. 🙂 I have a feeling I know what’s in the one for Page 272!

You can subscribe here: http://www.onceuponabookclub.com/

2 thoughts on “I Can Die Happy, Now that “Once Upon a Book Club” Has Done a Lilac Girls Box.”

  1. Fantastic, Amazing – what other words can I use to describe this novel? I’ve been listening to audio books for many years while driving 90 minutes back and forth to work. Glancing through the shelves at my local library, I spotted the title, “Lilac Girls”. Lilacs are my favorite flower as they also were my mother’s.

    This novel grabbed my attention immediately and I’ve found myself sitting in my car long after I parked in the driveway. As I took my daughter to work at 5:00 AM this morning, I inserted disc 14. It’s only a 10 minute drive, but I just came in the house – more than an hour later. It was the last disc and I had to find out what happened to each character.

    Thank you for making a very important part of our world history come to life. Your talent took what I thought were just characters in a novel and make them real. Then I got to the end of the last disc and listened to your Author’s Note. I had never heard of Caroline Ferriday and was thrilled to know that she was a real person who made a difference in so many women’s lives.

    My grandson’s wife is a history buff who loves the World War II era. This novel is definitely on my Christmas list for Natalie this year.

    Again, thank you. I’m anxiously awaiting your next novel.

    Lula Janes

    1. Dear Lulu,

      How wonderful! I love that you connected so strongly with the audio book…I did, too! When I listened to it I forgot I wrote it at some points, since the narrators brought it to life so beautifully.

      I hope your grandson’s wife enjoys the book. Lucky Natalie to have such a thoughtful grandmother-in-law!



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