Lilac Girls

Just Found Some Great Old Lilac Girls Pics

One of my favorite Lilac Girls scenes to write was the one where Caroline Ferriday goes to the post office across the street from her house and discovers all the mail. So it was fun to find these old pictures of the store and post office just as they were (I call it Merrill Brothers in the book). Especially love Earl Johnson hard at work, the Christmas trees on the front porch of the store and the black cat at the door. The building is still there, across from Caroline’s house, though now a private residence. Wish I could time travel for one minute just to go back and see it as it was.


7 thoughts on “Just Found Some Great Old Lilac Girls Pics”

  1. These are a treasure!!! I can only imagine how you must feel when things like this happen! If you ever get to “Time Travel”…I would love to go as your assistant!!!!

  2. I am just reading Lilac Girls after reading an article in AARP……….never knew about this. I have a friend in Watertown CT & now plan to visit the house & gardens in May.
    The book is amazing, cant put it down & I will have to get your new one about Carolines’ mother.

    1. I’m so glad you saw the AARP article, Carole and hope to see you at the Bellamy-Ferriday House in May. It’s the perfect time to visit, when the lilacs are all out!

  3. Dear Martha,

    I enjoyed your book so much. I had attended a luncheon event in Florham Park, NJ and a gentleman sitting next to me recommended your book. He said it was suggested reading at a local book club. Our discussion lead to reading books that are out of our zone. He was right about your book.

    I also enjoyed you follow up book comments and connection to you life. Thank you for sharing.

    I will recommend this book to my daughter.

    Sherrylynn Trotta

  4. Martha, I have never forgotten Anthony Doerr’s ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE.
    Have you read it? And now your LILAC GIRLS is a companion to it. This week
    our book club will discuss your book and I am sure it will garner all 5s. I hope
    that Kasia truly had the chance to confront her torturer. Such strong, loving
    and lovable women you gave us. You are gifted.
    Thanks for a great read.

    1. That’s so kind of you, Peggy! I hope you have a great bookclub meeting. If you think of it, send me a photo of you all? I love putting them on my bookclub gallery page. My email is if you want to send it there!

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