Like Some Hints about the Lilac Girls Prequel Lost Roses? You’ll Find Them Here.

Since I started writing Lost Roses several years ago I’ve been pinning clues on Pinterest, about the story as I went along. I pinned pictures of the characters: Luba, Sofya, little Max, Varinka and Taras. And of course young Caroline and her mother Eliza. The plot. My inspiration. (I’ve included a screenshot of a few of the pins below.) It has been a fun little secret a few readers stumbled upon but it’s time to share. The Lost Roses pub date, April 2nd will be here before you know it, but in the meantime these hints will at least be a taste of the real thing. (There’s also a Lilac Girls board under my name with lots of great pics, too.)  

Hope you enjoy it!

13 thoughts on “Like Some Hints about the Lilac Girls Prequel Lost Roses? You’ll Find Them Here.”

  1. Lilac Girls is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I cannot WAIT to go on another fascinating, thought-provoking, thoroughly emotional literary journey with Caroline again. ❤️

    Thanks for these visual teasers. 😊

  2. I know I am reading a good book when I pick it up at stop lights or sitting in traffic like I did for three hours this morning!!!

  3. I found great interest in Lilac Girls so.much so that I am in the process of reading Sara Helm’s book Ravensbruck. Compelling. That being said, I have great interest in making the journey you made to this area and the concentration camp. I am of Polish heritage 100% and would love to follow this history. I will follow up with the read of both Lilac Girls and Lost Roses. If there is information you can share with me on your personal trek, it would be greatly appreciated. My interst and intentions are very sincere. Thank you for your research and educating this generation. It is truly motivating and inspirational.

    1. Hi MaryAnn,
      What a wonderful trip that would be, especially since you are 100% Polish. My son and I started in Lublin, then went to Warsaw (so lovely!) and took the train to Berlin and then up to Furstenburg, a little town an hour north of there, the site of Ravensbruck Concentration Camp Memorial. It is a bit hard to get to from the train (we walked, as the prisoners were forced to do once upon a time) but you may want to call a cab to get you back to the train. It is a very moving experience!

  4. Ms. Kelly,

    Based off of your book, I have students researching Ravensbruck, Caroline Ferriday, and The Rabbits for their National History Day Projects. Is there any way these girls could interview you? It would be such an amazing honor to talk to the author that helped uncover this story.

    Thank you for your time.

  5. Mother Nature has dumped a Wintry Mix on The Jersey Shore today, but that won’t dampen the spirits of our book club! We have been meeting once a month for the past three years. Tonight, we get together at my house to discuss “Lilac Girls”, enjoy some wine, a few nibbles, and each other’s company. I absolutely loved this book and from the bits and pieces I’ve heard from some of my fellow book clubbers they did too. Looking forward to our conversation and to reading “Lost Roses” next spring. Please schedule a stop in our area when you are promoting it!

    1. Hi Diane,
      Sounds like a lovely, cozy night tonight, discussing a book with good friends and wine. I’m SO glad you enjoyed the book and hope it’s a good discussion! Feel free to share with the group that the book has been optioned by a terrific actress for a limited series. I’ll share more on my website once they announce it. 🙂
      p.s. If it’s not too much trouble, would you take a picture of your group and send it to me? I’d love to include it on my website book club page!

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