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Lost Roses Dust Jacket Hot Off the Presses

I was thrilled to see this lovely hardcover dust jacket in the mail this morning, courtesy of the best editor ever, Kara Cesare at Ballantine. In person it is even more beautiful, the title in red foil. I love the details, like this tiny tour Eiffel on the spine.

It is enjoying a new spot on my Lilac Girls shelf. Guess I’d better make a new shelf for Lost Roses. 🙂

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    1. Hi Andrea! I am away for February and don’t have access to my books, but happy to send one when I get home…can you remind me mid March? Will try and check this space more! Or DM me on FaceBook or Instagram?

  1. I can hardly wait to read this new book. I fell so deeply in love with Lilac Girls that I listened to it again last week. I listen to Audible books as I travel back and forth to work; about 40 minutes each way. I bought it some months ago and couldn’t stop listening to it. I actually was disappointed when a call came through and I had to chat instead of listen to your book! When you shared your research and study at the end, I was so fascinated by everything you did to write this amazing story. Listening to it a second time reminded me how much it had stayed in my thought these past months. Also, the readers were so perfect!

    I want to come on June 22 this year to the Hay when you are there to share. Will you be placing the times on this website? Can anyone come or do I need a reservation?

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply on this, Susie, it’s almost like it came from another time and space–pre-COVID world! Once things open up again we’ll be right back at the events at the Bellamy Ferriday House again. It looks even better now–they’ve taken the opportunity to paint the exterior and it’s so lovely. I think Caroline would be really happy her home looks so good! Hope you can come see an event there someday soon!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond, Beverly…I’ve been hunkered down writing book #4 if you can believe it. I’m so glad you enjoyed Lilac Girls and hope you’ve had a chance to read Lost Roses by now. The last in the trilogy comes out March 30th…can’t wait to be able to talk about it with everyone!

  2. Just finished your book “Lilac Girls. One of many I have read regarding the accounts of survives WW II. I have to say it was as many were hard to read. I’m writing also even tho many accounts I remember hearing about are some what hazy. I was lucky to be married to a Dutch Jew for 39 years. One of 5% of the Jewish pop. that left Holland alive. He was in the underground for the 4 yrs. of Nazi occupation. Got his two children adopted which saved their lives. The very unique thing about Ed was his love of life and his sense of humor. He would only tell me stories after 2-3 glasses of wine. We visited his adult children in Holland several times and he would show us places where he hid. He joined the Canadian Allies after crossing the bridge at Arman while being shot at. So many of the adult pop. that lived tho those yrs. as children I have come to realize suffer from anxiety separation, as all children in war. I am now 82 and think I am of sound mind (there are people I know who would dispute that) but I would love to share whatever stories I have with someone who cared enough to listen. He never took his freedom in America for granted and insisted that I fully understood what a gift to be born here. He gave me the gift of caring and sharing and understanding of celebrating each and every day. Write on my dear, let’s hope the world never forgets that evil really does exist and we need to meet it head on.

    1. What a lovely note, Mary. How lucky you are to have known Ed–he sounds like a wonderful guy. I love your last line: let’s hope the world never forgets that evil really does exist and we need to meet it head on.Cannot agree more.

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