Musical Inspiration

Here are a few of the songs that inspired scenes in Lost Roses.

  • “The Chain” – Ingrid Michaelson.
    This song reminds me of Sofya and her husband Afon.
  • Dr. Zivago: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Tonya and Yuri Arrive at Varikino.
    This whole soundtrack was helpful in bringing Russia to life but the middle part of this track gives such a positive feeling of Russia in that period.
  • “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” – Allison Kraus.
    Great bittersweet love song, sums up Eliza and Merrill pretty well, I think.
  • “Les Choristes” – Bruno Coulais.
    Love how this evoked French scenes
  • “It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls.
    Nothing better to stir up a badass scene.
  • “The Sun” – Parov Stelar.
    This is such an optimistic song, really helped me get Sofya to Paris.
  • “Time Lapse” — Michael Nyman.
    I became obsessed with this song after seeing Heavenly Bodies at the Met. Feels like old Russia to me.