Love, love, love photographer Andrew Thomas Lee

I hate having my picture made as they say in the south. It’s hard to feel natural with a camera pointed at you. Plus I was skeptical about Andrew–he specializes in cutting edge restaurants, food photography and natural, Polaroid portraits. Let’s just say I was worried about the lack of airbrushing.

But my website designer Ann Parker vouched for him. Plus I figured if he could make raw oysters look beautiful, I had a chance.


So I went with Andrew and I’m so glad I did, for he makes the whole process seem so natural. Maybe it’s his easy going manner. Maybe it’s the way he collaborates, showing you his favorite shots. Maybe it’s the loving way he sets up his camera to take his signature Polaroid portraits. Whatever it is, I love the way my website pics turned out.


 He shot the inspiration board in my Atlanta office


martha_kelly_color_0028Me trying to look writerly


And my red thread (one of the major stars of Lilac Girls.)


So thank you, Ann Parker for arranging the shoot with Andrew. The website is much easier to spend time with as a result. A lot like Andrew himself.

Check out more of his work below and more at andrewthomaslee.com…his illustrated “about” page is worth the trip.


tumblr_n7u9s3q6NW1qgrcexo9_1280The gorgeous new Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta!