4 thoughts on “Love The New and Improved Lilac Girls Cover Complete With Those Four Little Words. New York Times Bestseller.”

  1. Congratulations Martha!

    You have represented these noble women so well and told their story with great vision and passion. What a tribute to them that Lilac Girls is a NY Times Best Seller which will give their story even greater awareness. I know that must bring you great joy.


    1. Thank you, Mickey. Yes, you’re so right–it’s wonderful that making the list will give Caroline and the rabbits’ story even greater awareness…finally after all these years. And yes it does bring me great joy. I think they would be over the moon about it all, too!


  2. Hi Martha,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at the FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia. I just “happened” to be at a critique workshop and you just “happened” to stop in and talk with us. What a wonderful gift!

    I want you to know that in our short time together, you inspired me as both a writer and a reader. Thank you for bringing the rabbits’ story into the light. I know it was a labor of love in every sense of the word.

    Congratulations on your well-deserved place on the NYT Bestseller list. I look forward to pouring over my own copy of Lilac Girls and to seeing what you take on in the future.

    All the best,
    Maureen Krivo

    1. Dear Maureen,

      It was lovely meeting you yesterday–I’m so glad I got the chance to talk with you and the group. Seems like you are in very good hands with Beth! Thank you for all your support. Stay in touch and can’t wait to hear what you think of the book!



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