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Love the New Lost Roses Audio Book That Just Came Knocking

At the risk of being even more tiresomely self-promotional, here is the Lost Roses audio book, just arrived from Random House. I must say I didn’t think anything could have seized my affections like the Lilac Girls audio, but this one did. I love Kathleen Gati and her work on Lilac Girls as Kasia and she is absolutely amazing on this one, playing Russian aristocrat Sofya, along with three incredible  voice talents, Tavia Gilbert as Caroline’s mother Eliza, Karissa Vacker as peasant girl Varinka and Catherine Taber as Sofya’s little sister Luba (so far many readers’ favorite character in the book.) I just took a sneak listen, driving around aimlessly listening to these lovely, moving voices, getting pretty teary-eyed just hearing the prologue (my only CD player is in my car) and may need to go out tonight and drive around some more.

I loved adding these to the book shelf in my office, next to my “Somewhere in our hearts we are always twenty” (thank you, Katherine) quote board for good luck.

Cannot wait for everyone to hear how talented these actors are. If you see a woman in a silver car driving around Litchfield County sobbing, feel free to wave. Most likely that’s me.

Kathleen Gati as Sofya

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  1. So excited! And exciting!! Can’t decide whether I should read this book with my ears or my eyes. But whatever, the case, I am certain it will be a fascinating read and a spellbinding story.

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