Love this Picture from Chick Lit Divas Book Club

I had so much fun Skyping with The Chick Lit Divas bookclub (below) today. And loved it when member Lorraine Donagher told she liked reading in Lilac Girls  the description of the Mt. Sinai, where my character Kasia went for treatment, and the nurses, since she was a Mt. Sinai nurse herself. I asked Lorraine to send a picture of her in her uniform and here it is–Lorraine, second from the right in the signature cap, with her sisters and mother, now, sadly, all passed. Thank you, Lorraine and Chick Lit Divas for sharing a lovely, little piece of history with us.

4 thoughts on “Love this Picture from Chick Lit Divas Book Club”

  1. LOVE this novel … half way thru and can’t put it down!

    YOU write beautifully… more please!

  2. I just finished Lilac Girls last night and can’t stop thinking about it today. This was a hard, emotional read but well worth it. Can’t wait to share it with my sisters. Thank you. Looking forward to the prequel.

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