As We Ring Out the Holidays I Wanted to Share my Civil War Tree

Just before the holidays I finished my third book, a Civil War novel about Caroline Ferriday’s great grandmother Jane Eliza Woolsey and her eight children, three of which were nurses during the war. While I was finishing the book I collected ornaments to decorate my Civil War-era tree, one of the many things I did to get in the mood for the period and help it come alive. Christmas trees were a new thing during that time and blown glass ornaments had not yet caught on widely in this country, so people decorated their tabletop trees with handmade objects and garlands, small gifts and even political badges and flags.

Each year we do a holiday celebration at Caroline’s house, the Bellamy-Ferriday House and Garden, in Bethlehem, Connecticut and we’re talking about a Civil War Christmas next year, in advance of this book. Can’t wait. By then I’ll have collected a whole tree full of ornaments.


9 thoughts on “As We Ring Out the Holidays I Wanted to Share my Civil War Tree”

  1. I can relate as I have ancestors who were in the Civil War . I also have copies of their letters, with the transcriptions also. They had a sister whose dislike of Lincoln was quite colorful in her letters. The reason was that other soldiers were getting leaves but he brothers were not. She included Connecticut Governor Buckingham in her commentary.
    I eagerly await your latest bestseller.
    All the best,
    Bev Iorio

  2. Happy Happy New Year! Absolutely loved Lilac Girls and Lost Roses! I am so looking forward to your new book! When will it be available? #anxiouslywaiting #iknowitisgoingtobegreat

  3. Such a precious tree. Made even more special as you have finished your latest book set in this time period. Love the doll and the quaint box of crayons that came long before Crayola! Happy New Year.

  4. I have enjoyed your two novels very much they were very enlightening and so factual. There were so many sad events that happened yet you were able to portray a positive angle to the story. Such a tribute to the Caroline Ferridays story of three generations of women. I am looking forward to your third book and wonder if you can tell me when it will become available to purchase.

    1. Hi Connie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the first two novels! The third, a Civil War continuation of Caroline’s family’s story comes out next spring.

  5. Our Elms Retirement Community Book Group discussed Lilac Girls yesterday, Monday, in Charleston, SC.

    We wonder at your first novel: lilacs given to guards? Why? Tell the guards they are not at fault? How forgiving…

    Civil War book to come have Walt Whitman’s “When lilacs last by the dooryard bloom’d…”. My heart breaks every April with Lincoln’s death and then we leave wisteria in SC to Maine lilacs everywhere in MAY…Martha F. Barkley

    1. Hi Martha, Do you mean when Matka tells the girls she’d give the guards flowers when they are playing the Beauty Road game? It’s meant to show how forgiving she is, even in the face of such terrible cruelty. Forgiveness is a major theme of the book.
      Love your wisteria to lilacs story…

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