Nashville Rolled Out the Red Carpet (and the squash casserole) for Lilac Girls

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Clockwise: My hosts at The Centennial Club, Cathy Altenbern and Sarah Knestrick, the wonderful CC crowd, Nashville best food eva, snuck in a trip to supercute store Draper James, signing CC guestbook

Living in Atlanta, I thought I knew all about southern hospitality but Nashville took it to a whole new level last week when I visited Music City to talk about my novel Lilac Girls. The all-female The Centennial Club welcomed me with open arms (and squash casserole to die for) I signed and spoke at the wonderful Parnassus Books and even snuck in a tour of Music City, a little shopping at Draper James and thanks to Cathy Altenbern and company enjoyed so many fabulous meals. LOVED touring lovely Cheekwood and who knew there was a Parthenon in Tennessee? I’m always late to the party. Excited to come back on the paperback tour! 🙂

Parnassus let me share a table with Stephen King. Feeling pretty special.

3 thoughts on “Nashville Rolled Out the Red Carpet (and the squash casserole) for Lilac Girls”

  1. LOVED Lilac Girls! The novel flowed easily and I was totally caught up in the bravery of the Ravensbruck girls.

  2. I know you are in our area on Thursday, June 15th. Our book club which has been together for 20 years, is having its meeting on the 15th at 6 in Cheshire CT. I would happy to pay for a hotel if you needed to stay over. It would be such a joy to have you. Thanking you in advance. Valerie Yaggi

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