Lost Roses

So Excited Lost Roses is an Earphones Award winner from Audiofile Magazine

This makes me so happy, given all the hard work on the part of Kelly Gildea of Random House Audio and the incredible voice actors. I love Kathleen Gati and her work on Lilac Girls as Kasia and she is absolutely amazing on this one, playing Russian aristocrat Sofya, along with three incredible  voice talents, Tavia Gilbert as Caroline’s mother Eliza, Karissa Vacker as peasant girl Varinka and Catherine Taber as Sofya’s little sister Luba. Brava to all! Here is the link to the article:  https://www.audiofilemagazine.com/reviews/read/156801/lost-roses-by-martha-hall-kelly-read-by-kathleen-gati-catherine-taber/

2 thoughts on “So Excited Lost Roses is an Earphones Award winner from Audiofile Magazine”

  1. Martha…I live in Mx City and have recently read Lilac Girls. It got me “infected” and have begun internet quest of other books (mostly non-fiction) on Holocaust vicims-survivors. I speak to anyone who will listen on the subject, especially Ravensbrück. IT CANNOT/SHOULD NOT be forgotten. Many of younger generation know nothing/next to nothing of the subject.
    I would like to suggest for your next book, life of (evil) Dr. Oberheuser, before, during and after Ravensbrück, trial, sentencing, and how and/or why US helped arrange her early release. I believe the world and your readers deserve to know why such an idiotic and unfair decision. The woman deserved the gallows! In your inimitable style of merging fact with fiction, but keeping the real names of those who deserve no anonymity and those who merit recognition.
    Thank you so much for your book. Am so looking forward to obtaining and reading Lost Roses.
    You are a terrific writer.

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