Spring Came Early This Year Thanks to this Lovely New Lost Roses Map

Once I finished writing Lost Roses, the prequel to Lilac Girls, the first thing I did was ask the wonderful illustrator Holly Hollon to create another incredible map. Just as she did for Lilac Girls, she made the book come alive, this time from Russian former aristocrat Sofya Streshnayva’s point of view, Caroline Ferriday’s Mother Eliza’s best friend. It focuses on Sofya’s world after she is forced to leave Russia, when she seeks refuge in Paris. The map gives a few clues about the plot of book #2 and highlights some of the book’s scenes around Paris, including the infamous Rue de Chabanais brothel, my all-time favorite French candy store and Eliza Ferriday’s Paris apartment. I hope you enjoy this little taste of spring in January.