Stacey Fitzgerald’s Amazing Lilac Girls Video Filmed at The Bellamy Ferriday House

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When Stacey Fitzgerald, documentary filmmaker extraordinaire suggested we shoot a short video about how Lilac Girls: A Novel came to be, while she shot footage for her upcoming documentary Saving the Rabbits (the story behind Lilac Girls-how Caroline Ferriday helped a group of Polish women who’d survived experiments at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp) I jumped at the chance.

The footage, shot by Director of Photography Jimmy Collins is extraordinary and shows The Bellamy-Ferriday House at its most beautiful. I hope you enjoy watching it! https://youtu.be/brxXY6jxgQA

Stacey’s documentary is due out this spring…find out more about it here: rememberravensbruck.com/filmaker


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10 thoughts on “Stacey Fitzgerald’s Amazing Lilac Girls Video Filmed at The Bellamy Ferriday House”

  1. Lilac Girls is one of my favorite books. I can’t believe it’s Martha’s first novel. It is fabulous and I’ve been telling everyone all about it. I am highly recommending they read it. I AM HOPING THEY MAKE IT INTO A MOTION PICTURE. Terrific WORK!!!!

    1. Thanks, Mary Anne…I’m so glad you liked Lilac Girls and I, too, hope they make it into a movie. Wouldn’t that be something?

  2. I loved your book! I am shocked that this part of history has not come out sooner. I had never heard of the Rabbits or Caroline. What strong women, thank you for telling their story. I also loved seeing the pictures on your website of the real people and places.

  3. I was so moved by The Lilac Girls and was eager to hear you speak in Litchfield on June 10. The story behind the story is absolutely amazing and I too hope it is made into a motion picture. Thank you so much for giving so much of your time and energy to share this part of history. I will visit Carolines home again as it is only 10 minutes from my home. Welcome to Connecticut.

  4. I just finished your book ‘Lilac Girls.’ What an amazing story of these incredibly strong, brave and resilient women. I was not familiar with the rabbits or Caroline’s story. I am going to tell all my friends that they must read your important book. You have done a wonderful job in telling the world about these most significant women and their moving stories. I can’t stop thinking about them. I can’t wait for a movie to come out.

  5. A polish friend of mine since 1958 said she had just read your book. Since we both are 79 we remember the war years, the rations, the air raid wardens. We are only children and consider ourselves sisters. We met at Bay Path Junior College in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Our parents became long time friends. I now live in Florida and Barbara lives in Mass. we talk all the time. I ordered your book thru Amazon and had it the next day. I finished it early this AM. It is a compelling story that needed to be told. I cried reading about the camps as I recalled my parents speaking about it. I’m Italian and my mom had her first birthday on a boat from Italy. The problems with her citizenship. My mom married an Italian I have all the citizenship papers on both sides of my family. Our 2 children and the grandchildren enjoy the history. Mom wrote a letter telling how she met my dad and the years they waited for one another while he attended a technical school. It later became Bay Path Jr. College and we attended reunions together. Today my mom would be 105 yrs. old. She died in a nursing home in CT about 12 years after my dad. I could write my own book. I remember the Atomic Bomb…also remember the end of the war and being at the beach in CT when it was announced and everyone came out of their cabins crying and singing. My uncle was in the Army and drove an ambulance and saw so much horror done to our men. I could go on and on. God Bless you for writing this book. I will be passing it on to my friends.

    1. Thank you for your lovely note, Ginny. What an incredible life! Yes, it would make a wonderful novel! ?

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