Sunflower Sisters

Sunflower Sisters Digital Kit Makes a Fabulous Bookclub Easy

The new digital bookclub download for Sunflower Sisters makes putting together a bookclub night so much fun. Full of helpful things like discussion questions, a Woolsey family tree and recipes and beverages inspired by those in the book, it’s a great bookclub partner. Click here to download the Sunflower Sisters Book Club Kit right now.

6 thoughts on “Sunflower Sisters Digital Kit Makes a Fabulous Bookclub Easy”

  1. I’m not able to open the digital link to the book club guide, is it available another way? Thanks!

    1. On my website? Hmmmm…I think that’s the only way to access it! Can you open other links on the site?

  2. Read all three books. Really enjoyed them all. Really enjoyed this last book Sunflower Sisters.

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