Stacey Fitzgerald’s Amazing Lilac Girls Video Filmed at The Bellamy Ferriday House

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When Stacey Fitzgerald, documentary filmmaker extraordinaire suggested we shoot a short video about how Lilac Girls: A Novel came to be, while she shot footage for her upcoming documentary Saving the Rabbits (the story behind Lilac Girls-how Caroline Ferriday helped a group of Polish women who’d survived experiments at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp) I jumped at the chance.

The footage, shot by Director of Photography Jimmy Collins is extraordinary and shows The Bellamy-Ferriday House at its most beautiful. I hope you enjoy watching it! https://youtu.be/brxXY6jxgQA

Stacey’s documentary is due out this spring…find out more about it here: rememberravensbruck.com/filmaker


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