Lilac Girls, Lost Roses, Sunflower Sisters

The Animals of Lilac Girls, Lost Roses and Sunflower Sisters, the Best Part

The animals, clockwise from upper left: Psina the pet chicken from Lilac Girls, Felka, Nadia’s dog from Lilac Girls, Jarushka from Lost Roses, Tum-Tum, Agnella’s Russian toy dog from Lost Roses, Saint Joan from Sunflower Sisters and Pico, the Woolsey’s mixed breed dog from Sunflower Sisters.

A lovely silver lining to the COVID cloud has been the huge numbers of pet adoptions from shelters. This just underscores what so many of us already know, that animals are the best parts of our lives. So I thought I’d round up all the animals from my three novels (or at least the photographic inspiration for them) and put them all on one page. Saint Joan the Siamese cat and Pico (real dog who belonged to Caroline Ferriday’s great grandmother) are from novel number three, to come next spring, Sunflower Sisters. Hope you enjoy hanging out with these lovely pets as much as I have while writing about them. They’re sweethearts, all.

P.S. Do you have a favorite literary animal? Leave it in the comments…

2 thoughts on “The Animals of Lilac Girls, Lost Roses and Sunflower Sisters, the Best Part”

  1. The phoenix from the Harry Potter series. The tears of the phoenix has healing properties. And, when Harry gets injured, the phoenix cries onto Harry’s wound to heal them. What was cool was that in my Human Anatomy class last fall, I learnt that human tears have healing agents within them. and so it is healthy to let out tears.
    I’m so excited to know your next book is called Sunflower Sisters. I love the name..honestly, it’s a beautiful title! Take care and hope you are doing well, amidst this cover pandemic!

    1. Yes, what a great book-animal inclusion! Amazing that human tears have healing agents in them!

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