Lost Roses

Woohoo Going on the Road Again, This Time With the LOST ROSES Paperback.

Just can’t wait to get on the road again, this time for LOST ROSES, the prequel to LILAC GIRLS that tells the story of Caroline Ferriday’s mother Eliza Mitchell Ferriday and her fight to help Russian women who’d lost everything in the Bolshevik Revolution. It’s out in paperback March 3rd and can’t wait to criss-cross the country once again, sharing the true story behind the book AND disclosing what’s to come in the third book in the series. Hope I’m coming to your hometown–I will post links to the events on my website marthahallkelly.com under events.

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  1. Our Book Buddies will be discussing The Lilac Girls Monday. After reading some reviews, I sent out a note asking members if they really wanted to read a book with very graphic details. They did so I ordered the books. I admit I was reluctant to read the book myself. I could not read it shortly before bed. I often cried while reading. I cannot say that I enjoyed this story, but I do appreciate your research and writing. I think it’s a book that every young adult should read.
    Oddly, most of the way through the book, I did not like the parts about Caroline. I wondered why she was included. What a great, determine, strong, loving lady!
    Thank you for writing The Lilac Girls.

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Yes, it’s a difficult read for a lot of people. I met one of the “Rabbits” in person and she told me that after reading Lilac Girls, “it was all true.” So that makes me feel good that at least it’s accurate.
      Hope your group enjoyed their discussion!

  2. Enjoyed the lecture at The Haddon Fortnightly last evening. Thanks6so much for sharing your story!

    1. That was such a lovely event! Hope we get to go out and do real events again soon.

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