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Some Wonderful New Caroline Ferriday Pictures

By September 12, 2016July 26th, 202359 Comments

img_6447I love this new batch of Caroline Ferriday photos, especially this one of Caroline and her friend Helena Piasecka. Helena was one of the four so-called “Rabbits” who not only stayed with Caroline on their trip to America, but also married in the states and became one of Caroline’s lifelong friends. They are so happy to be together and Caroline’s whole look is amazing. Would love to know who took the picture!img_6446

Another great photo, this time Caroline in action, greeting the Polish women when they arrived in New York City.


Caroline and “Rabbits” again. Not sure if this is in Warsaw, or NYC…can’t read the bottle on the table, but that might give a clue! Either way, they are having a lovely time.


Caroline as a child and her mother Eliza. Such a sweet photo.


I love all the pictures of Caroline but this one is my very favorite. Such a beautiful actress, with her whole career ahead of her. And that bow!


  • Oleta Woolsey says:

    I just finished reading, Lilac Girls, so these pictures were so thoroughly enjoyed. I’m still living in the story as I write.

  • Janet campbell says:

    so sad to say goodbye to this book. I want to share it with everyone. I’ll likely offer to my daughter first, and then my sister, since the story is so much about those special bonds. Thank you for writing, and I am anxiously awaiting your next masterpiece.

  • Julie Martin says:

    Just finished Lilac Girls!!! This book is now in my top 10 books I have ever read. Can’t believe it’s your first book. Please keep writing!!!!

  • Diane Schaeffer says:

    Finished your wonderful book. Our club meets next week in Reading, PA and I’m eager for the discussion. I loved seeing the photos and additional information on your site. Have the photo of Herta and the Rabbits that sadly didn’t survive but haven’t found a photo of Kasia.

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      How wonderful, Diane. I hope you have a great discussion! I only have a tiny picture of Nina Ivanska. It her her later in life, but at least it’s something…I posted it on my Pinterest Lilac Girls page, under my full name.

  • Paula Marshall says:

    I had to google Caroline Ferriday after reading The Lilac Girls! What a remarkable story and what remarkable Women! As another writer said….I’m still living in this story. Now I want to retrace the steps in NYC, Connecticut, Poland and Germany. What an adventure. May favorite character is Caroline. What a selfless person was. Thank you for this remarkable book.

  • Linda Helmer says:

    I so enjoyed your first published book Lilac Girls. Your efforts in writing this novel have not gone unnoticed. Your descriptions and characters in this book moved me. I will recommend this book and await your next novel. Thanks for a memorable read.

  • JoAnn Deselms says:

    You must keep writing! Lilac Girls will forever be one of my all time favorites. I didn’t want the story to end. Please consider coming to The Tattered Cover in Denver for a book signing. I would love to meet you.

  • Leitha Rountree says:

    Today marks a year exactly when I first saw your book on the table of Barnes & Nobel in Williamsburg,VA. Intriguing, but passed it by- couldn’t get it out of my mind. Fast forward to Fall 2016 and a trip to Germany & Poland. Downloaded it. The locations you describe and being in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow made the events so real. Recommended it to the ladies on the trip, the guide, and my book group. Discussing it in May and visiting Bellamy-Ferriday House too.

  • Mary Jordahl says:

    Thank you for bringing Lilac Girls to life. It was beautifully executed in its telling. I am brought to tears thinking of the Kasia’s of this world and the horrors that were inflicted on them, of childhood lost and of friendship and family lost. I am brought to tears thinking of the beauty Caroline brought to the world through her love and compassion. Her story is beautiful thank you for telling it and sharing what you found in your research, certainly a story that was waiting to be told.

  • Lynn Lamb says:

    Just finished Lilac Girls. I am obsessed . Could not put it down. Did Caroline ever get married? Such a selfless person. Can’t wait for your next book.

  • Sharon Rippy says:

    Just finished ready this totally engrossing book. It was so hard to read in places but I was unable to put it down until I knew the conclusion. Was wonderful that you told their story, of the amazing women they called “rabbits”. That you have enlightened to so many of us to a part of history we didn’t know exsisted.
    I recommended it for our book club. We want to know if you do book clubs via Facebook or anything else?

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      Yes I do, Sharon…I am crunching on book #2 right now but might be able to Skype in July or August…

  • carol harris says:

    Wonderful pictures and as many have said the book lives on in us and has made a difference. WE must continue to act in Love always and create a world of peace for all. Blessings.

  • Sandy (Canadian) says:

    WOW! This book is an eye opener, what I never knew. As a Canadian with my dad being in WW11 he never talked about what he saw/heard or knew. Your book has left me looking into validating your novel and what really happened. Thank you for such a great story, keep up the good work. Your going to be one of the greats!!!

  • Martha Hall Kelly says:

    You’re the best, Sandy. 🙂

  • Linda Fleming says:

    I’m almost done with LIlac Girls and I will be so sad when it’s over. It will be like saying goodbye to good friends. I never knew that there were so many POlish women in concentration camps and what the Germans did to them. It’s so awful, but I am so grateful for women like Caroline who became an angel to those that suffered so greatly.

  • Elizabeth Rand says:

    Over the past 40 plus years I’ve read countless books, fiction and non, about the atrocities of the Nazi regime and have watched numerous documentaries about it. Your book is one that will stay with me forever. I experienced it as an audio-book and was riveted from the first sentence read. The wonderful narrators did your work proud. Learning only at the end of the book, while listening to your Author’s Note, that it was based on real events and included real people, made me want to know even more. I’ll be following up on the additional related reading you mention. Thank you for writing this.

  • Pat says:

    I have read so many books about Hitler and WWII, I didn’t know if I could stand another one. When I first saw this book about ten days ago at Costco it immediately caught my attention. I read it in three days. I am of Polish descent but never realized what the women went through. It brought tears to my eyes and disgusted me at the same time. It’s hard to believe Caroline was a real live ” fairy godmother”. I look forward to your next book.. Thank you for a wonderful journey through a terrible time.

  • Karen says:

    Just finished your book in tears, both sad and grateful. Grateful for women like Caroline Ferriday and sadness that the atrocities could have ever happened. So very grateful for the reminder lest we ever forget. Well done. Thank you.

  • Karen says:

    While at Costco, I picked up a copy of “lilac girls” to bring with me on vacation. I read it in 4 days. From the first page I was hooked. Then, as if I needed more, I googled Caroline’s named & read & saw her pictures. How absolutely fabulous this book was. I am eagerly awaiting the publishing of your next book. A truly wonderful story of a horrific time in history. Thank you!!

  • Lael Rutherford says:

    Loved, loved, loved Lilac Girls. I just finished it and I am so sad. I wanted it to go on and on.
    Thank you for your research and the wonderful story you wrote. I look forward to reading your next book.

  • Diane Wilson says:

    I have just finished reading the ‘Lilac Girls’ and although it is not normally my kind of book I thoroughly enjoyed it. Parts of it made such sad reading but I think overall it was a happy book. I hope people agree with me.

  • L says:

    WOW! I just finished listening to this stunningly beautiful yet haunting story. I have recommended this book to family and friends. The production of the Book on CD was truly remarkable! I often kept driving or sat in my driveway for a long time just to continue listening. What a fine tribute to Caroline Ferriday and the women of Ravensbruck.

  • Jane Bogan says:

    I couldn’t put it down. So many wonderful ladies! I am in the medical field, coming from a family in the medical field, and just can’t understand how some things happened. A wonderful tribute to the Lilacs and the wonderful Ferriday family!

  • Jennifer Mason says:

    Just finished Lilac Girls, couldn’t put it down, despite the hard cold facts of what happened during those awful years. So lovely to see pictures of the amazing Caroline Ferriday and put a face to the name. If only there were more people in the world like her. Have added The Hay to my ‘to visit’ list when I next get to the US from New Zealand.

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, Jennifer. I hope you get to see Caroline’s house one day–it really is worth the trip!

  • Tella smith says:

    This was such a great story of an awful time. I am going to talk to a friend about her experience in Poland. I just told her about your book. Keep writing you are good!

  • Phyllis Warakomski says:

    Just finished reading Lilac Girls… Hats off what an amazing story. Your writing was incredible… Thank you!!

  • Kathy Daniels says:

    Your “Lilac Girls” is a must read, I am 74 and feel I need to know so much more about the atrocities of WW2. My heart breaks for the women of Ravensbruck. Our Red Wing Minnesota Library Book Club discuss your book tonight, I know it will be interesting! I have been to Connecticut many times, will visit the Bellamy Ferriday House in the spring. Thank you for a beautiful book-look forward to your next one-keep on writing.

    Kathy Daniels,Red Wing, Mn.

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      That is wonderful, Kathy and I’m excited to hear how you like the house when you visit this spring. In late May the Lilacs are just heavenly.

  • Cynthia Szirmai says:

    My Thanksgiving break from teaching school and devouring every bit of Lilac Girls, and reading every word in it became my spiritual retreat. I’ve seen and witnessed atrocities of what one human can do to another human, having come from a third world Asian country, but it seems that what Nazi Germany did to non-Aryan people is EVIL beyond compare because of the German’s precision and superior feeling of entitlement.

  • Cindy Green says:

    Forgotten, historical stories are my favorite genre. I am so glad you wrote this book, as forgotten history is such a waste of humanity. Thank you for your tireless research and loving portrayal of all of these women. I am looking forward to your next efforts!!

  • K. Atkins says:

    Absolutely loved the book. It was hard to put down. I was shocked to read that this was your first book…certainly hope many more follow.

    • Martha Hall Kelly says:

      So happy you enjoyed it…the next one comes out this coming sprng and it’s called Lost Roses. Can’t wait to share it.

  • Jan Fontana says:

    Oh my God what a wonderful but sad story… Truly heartbreaking for those women…. I can’t even imagine such horrors they went through…. And thank God for Caroline remarkable woman…And you are a beautiful lady and author… Amazing book. Thank you. It left me feeling very grateful for my simple life…

  • Lilac Girls is the best book I’ve read in the last 10 years. I cannot wait for the prequel. Thank you for bringing this story to life in such an inspirational way.

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